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Pixell worlds largest Datapath distributor. Pixell sells to dealers, resellers, system integrators and end users. Pixell rents x4 units. Buy it now here. Capture Cards, Frame Grabber, Video Processors rental dealer purchase overnight
The company was founded in 1994 by James Thornburg with a focus on marketing technology equipment via a new medium called the Internet. (Thanks Al Gore) Although humble in its beginning, the company quickly found its preferred niche which was desktop LCD displays. Pixell partnered with Pixelvision, an early pioneer and now defunct manufacture of desktop LCD displays who specialized in financial trading firms. Pixell quickly found plenty of new markets for this revolutionary technology in  the Silicon Valley area selling to high tech firms and silicon wafer equipment manufacturers like  Applied Materials, SGS Thompson, Watkins Johnson, Lam Research etc. Once LCD technology became ubiquitous in 1999 it was clear Pixell needed a new niche. The logical extension was larger, as in video walls, although at the time rear projection was the highest quality means to tile multiple displays together while keeping the mullions (monitor to monitor gap) as small as possible. Pixell partnered with Clarity Visual Systems, now Planar Systems and morphed into a video wall system integrator, utilizing Planar’s displays and Datapath Limited’s capture cards to build video processors to drive video walls. Pixell no longer functions as a system integrator, but has focused on video processing systems and distributing the components necessary to build these systems of which capture cards are a part. Such as it is today, Pixell has maintained its relationship with Datapath Limited as their oldest and largest distributor in the world.
Pixell is a narrowly focused small business located in the San Francisco bay area who specializes in large scale video capture and video processing products and systems.
Company Focus:
Pixell is dedicated to providing the highest quality video processing and video capture products and support to system integrators, government contractors, resellers, dealers, and end users. The company emphasis is on providing these products at competitive prices and exemplary after the sale service. Ongoing support for the above legacy video wall systems is still a priority and will be until the last system is de-commissioned as we feel this is our responsibility to support all previous customers.
Datapath Limited of England Is A World Leading Innovator in Computer Graphics, Video Capture and Digital Technology

The company has operated exclusively in these areas since it was founded in 1982. Well over 200 man-years experience has been built up in product design, consultancy and project development, covering all areas of this industry. The available expertise covers both hardware and software (driver) design and development.

Datapath is large enough to undertake substantial projects, but small enough to offer an unrivalled level of service and support, which is achieved by an accessible, customer-focused staff.

Datapath has an international outlook, with offices in the United Kingdom, France and USA.

The maxim "Excellence by Design" describes the philosophy of Datapath, and over the years this reputation has attracted many major blue-chip companies and institutions to use our expertise as the best way to solve their specialised display problems.

In 2007 Datapath attracted new investment from Foresight Group. Whilst the founders retained the majority of the shares they recognised the need to invest in broadening the management team and the product portfolio. 2008 has seen the appointment of three new directors to the board; a strengthening of the technical team and a significant release of new products.

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